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Screenshot of Bracebridge Heath website.
Bracebridge Heath Events Group website

Update on 03/10/2016: The website has now closed

From the 30th September 2016, the Bracebridge Heath Events Group website will close.

I developed the Bracebridge Heath Events website back in 2012 after the Events Group head hunted me for the task whilst I was in school. I have been maintaining the website since then including uploading content provided by the Events Group.

Lately the residents of Bracebridge Heath are choosing to access details of events in Bracebridge Heath through other means such as Facebook. As such the Events Group have decided they would like me to close down the website.

You can still find information about Bracebridge Heath on the Parish Council website and twitter. Alternatively, the Events Group are still operating their Facebook account.

I've thoroughly enjoyed working with the Bracebridge Heath Events Group, if they should need me again in the future, I of course would love to assist their digital presence.

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